Happy Holidays Santa!

Santa Postcard

Santa Postcard is sent directly to your child while Santa is on vacation relaxing in a warm destination. The goal of Santa Postcard is to show your child that Santa is still watching, seeing if your child is being naughty or nice. It encourages the child to continue their good behavior throughout the entire year.

Santa Postcard includes a photo of Santa on vacation, a message to your child as well as a signature from the jolly ol’ man himself. It is sure to put a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eye.

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Santa Postcard

Individually or with a Santa's Personalized Letter

Santa Postcard can be ordered individually or as an add-on with a Santa’s Personalized Letter.

On Vacation

Santa is on vacation and taking a break after delivering all of the toys to the children.

Tropical Scene

The Santa Poscard has Santa on the front in a tropical scene.

Santa Postcard

Signed by Santa

Every Postcard is signed by Santa Claus himself.

Happy Holidays

Santa Postcard is sent mid-January to wish your child Happy New Year and to encourage a nice behavior the rest of the year.

Encourage a good behavior all year long!

Order now $4.99