Santa's Personalized Letter

Santa’s Personalized Letter is the perfect way to introduce the Christmas season to any boy or girl. The letter is personalized and sent to the child by mail, explaining to them that they have been good all year. It will include their name, gift wishes, travel destination, various accomplishments over the year as well as other personalized details.

Picture the smile on your child’s face when they open a personalized letter from Santa Claus! There is no doubt that it will add excitement and holiday spirit to their hearts and this letter will be a true keepsake for them.

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Contains 12 personalized points!

Surprise your child with a custom-made letter!
Santa Claus will mention:

  • 3x your Child’s Name
  • 3 Accomplishments of your Child
  • 3 items on your Child’s Wish List
  • Your Child’s Gender
  • A personalized PS. message from you
  • The City & Province where your Child will be for Christmas
  • Your Child’s Sibling or Friend’s Name
  • All letters are signed by Santa

Signed by Santa

Every Santa’s Personalized Letter is signed by Santa Claus himself.


Santa’s Personalized Letter has an authentic feel making it more real.

North Pole Postmark

Each envelope has a Postmark from the North Pole.


Parchment Paper

Santa’s Personalized Letter is deliver on a parchment paper.