Nice List Certificate 2018

Santa's Nice List Certificate 2018

The Official Nice List Certificate recognizes the outstanding children of the world who have had good behaviour for the entire year of 2018. It serves as an official document to encourage children to continue their positive acts and pairs well with any of our Letters from Santa.

Your children will be excitedly happy after receiving a personalized certificate from Santa Claus himself, making them feel recognized, appreciated and excited for the holiday season.

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Add Santa's Personalized Letter

This Nice List Certificate can be ordered individually or as an add-on to Santa’s Personalized Letter.

Center Foil Seal

This Nice List Certificate includes a foil seal in the center of the document as an official marking from Santa.


Santa’s Signature

All Nice List Certificates are signed by Santa Claus himself as well as Rudolph the Reindeer, who signs with his hoof print.

Nice List Certificate 2018

Superior Certificate

The Nice List Certificate is mailed directly to your child in a quality red envelope to ensure its protection. May arrive separately from Santa’s Letter.


Authentic Material

The Nice List Certificate is delivered to your child on gold parchment paper, adding excitement and authenticity.

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Make them proud for their good behavior!

Order now $9.99